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This is the California Dental Practice Act (Dental Law) course which is required for license renewal for all licensed Dental staff and for DA's at least once. Our course for the California Dental Practice Act have been approved by the Dental Board of California as mandatory courses for license renewal and CEUs (Continuing Education Credits). You will be asked to submit the answers to the 25 questions (which will be given throughout the course). It is suggested that you write these answers down as you go along so you can complete the multiple choice exam at the end. You will need a passing grade of 75%. You will receive your certificate via email after successful completion.

Joy Howard

Joy Howard

B.S.N., R.N.

Joy Howard, B.S.N., R.N., was graduated from the School of Nursing, University of Portland 1975 and is the owner of Dental Ed, Inc. For 28 years she has been teaching a practical, hands-on approach to Infection Control & OSHA Compliance in the San Diego County area. She does on-site courses and teaches seminars. Mrs. Howard has been a guest speaker for UCSD, the Filipino Dental Society, the San Diego County Dental Assistants Society, the San Diego County Dental Hygiene Society, the San Diego and Imperial County Dental Societies, the San Diego County and National Academies of General Dentistry and the California Dental Association. As the wife of a dentist for over 38 years she understands the difficulty they face in managing their practices while attempting to comply with the often confusing regulatory requirements.

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1 Video

1 Quiz

3.0 hrs

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